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Who We Are

The WOW Wagon Food Truck is a mobile kitchen that delivers our own personal and unique take on American Comfort food. Our Home base is in Gilbertsville, PA in Montgomery County,  but you can find us at events in surrounding counties and as far afield as Philadelphia. In addition, we provide catering for weddings, parties  and all sorts of other events. It's easy to get a quote for your upcoming event, just give us some details on our contact form and we will get back to you in a timely manner, and prepare a custom proposal for you.

What People Say About the WOW Wagon

I was skeptical about having a food truck for my party and I looked all over and found WOW Wagon and gave it a shot. Food was amazing and they showed up an hour and a half early so they were ready ahead of time. The two women inside were so nice and food was out quick and easy. All the guests were taking business cards and saying how they’re going to use them for their parties in the future. I started something and I will recommend to all my friends. Thank you WOW Wagon!

Jamie Lasko

via Facebook

We tried this food truck at the Reading Fair. The burger with the Mac And Cheese and bacon was fantastic!! The mac and cheese was flavorful and the bacon was crisp. Good job!

Lori Heydt


I went to a graduation party where the WOW Wagon was and I have to say that the food was so delicious. I keep going back for more till I couldn’t eat any more food.The pulled pork sandwich was so good not to mention the funny cake fries.I strongly recommend you try their food, it’s out of this world.

Karen Buss


The food is so exceptional and 8 dollars for a large burger is not bad at all considering its loading with other types of fried food as well as being at an event its well worth the money when they could over charge people they dont. very happy with the customer service as well, friendly faces and will sit there and talk to ya even if they arent too busy.

Austin Dawson Kissling